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Tim Baca

Tim Baca is an award-winning storm photographer, storm chaser, and landscape photographer with work displayed in galleries across his home state of New Mexico. His love for severe weather formed at a young age, and he began his pursuit of chasing, forecasting, and photography in 2017. His natural editing style and consistent ability to produce storm imagery with compelling foreground elements propelled him to become the 2020 and 2023 Storm Photographer of the Year and the runner-up in 2021 and 2022. Tim is passionate about teaching others and introducing photographers of all levels to the visceral beauty of severe weather.

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Lauren Baca

Lauren Baca is a New Mexico-based fine art landscape and storm photographer. A Texas native, Lauren was raised in the heart of Tornado Alley and is no stranger to supercells and tornadoes. She loves introducing others to the untamed beauty of severe weather and teaching how to capture it. Lauren's storm images have been exhibited in multiple galleries worldwide. They are currently on display in New Mexico's largest photo gallery in Carrizozo and were shown in curated exhibitions in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. Lauren was also a finalist for the 2022 Storm Photographer of the Year and 2022 Storm Photo of the Year after her first full season of chasing.

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Nick Selway

Nick Selway, deemed a "daredevil photographer" by his contemporaries, was one of the first people in history to photograph lava entering the ocean from the surf. He currently travels up to 180 days a year photographing mother nature’s beauty as an award-winning landscape photographer. Nick's photography has been featured in National Geographic, CBS, New York Daily News, ABC News, UK Daily Mail, Photography Monthly, Surfer Magazine, and many other articles worldwide.

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Jake Werth

Jake Werth is an award-winning landscape and storm photographer from New Mexico. Jake’s photos can be found on magazine covers and billboards and are displayed in multiple galleries in his home state. He was the Grand Prize winner of the 2020 New Mexico Magazine photography contest and his images have placed first and second in multiple other categories. Jake’s love for storm photography began in 2017 when he stumbled upon a tornadic supercell in his home state. That encounter awoke his passion for photographing storms and the dynamic light and atmosphere they create. Jake loves sharing his experiences and love for photography with others.

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